Ride test – Arius plate

The continued review of the Arius plate.

The Arius plate is astonishing, and frankly difficult to describe.  Even though a DA-45 plate will turn easier the Arius has a lot of turn to it.  More importantly it had a lot of control.  It was a snap to change direction laterally whereas in other plates there is a small fight to get back to center.  When sprinting around the track at top speed the plate will dig into the corner, but will return to center without any trouble.  I have never felt this in a plate before where I aim for the apex, turn hard and get more traction, then let off the turn and the plate immediately responding.  Below is an account from three test subjects.  We all had some different opinions because of course your mileage will vary when it comes …

First impressions – Arius Plate

I received the anticipated Arius plate yesterday, the latest offering from Riedell’s brand, PowerDyne. The box itself is rather nice. I’m not one for unboxing pictures but I couldn’t help myself.

First why the fuss? The Arius plate is a modified Adonis plate introducing the technology seen in long board trucks to major skate plate manufacturing. The plate lacks a traditional kingpin. A butterfly cushion is wedged in the truck which flexes against a tab where the kingpin would be. In a traditional plate design the cushions spin around the kingpin. There’s no spinning in the Arius.

I pulled off my Avenger and slapped on the Arius in record time and just waited for a chance to skate in them. I did have the presence of mind to take some measurements before everything was fastened. The Arius is light! Assembled with the …

We like to build

Here’s the latest pictures of what we’ve got going in the workshop. Here’s a picture of the plate.

Gift Certificates Are Go!

Once more with feeeeeling, we are selling gift certificates online. I hope you’re sipping on coffee in some comfy slippers while you make your purchase. Put the recipient’s name in the note portion and let us know if you want us to hold the gift certificate at the store or mail it to you.

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We Now Sell Gift Certificates Online

Just in time for your holiday shopping to begin – Vital is now offering the option to purchase gift certificates online through our website, via paypal. It’s just what the favorite skater in your life wants, we promise!

UPDATE – We’ve had some problems with the button. We have to take it down for now, but we are working on correcting the problem.

Pivot Marketing and Vital Skates = <3

Pivot Marketing is our friend and neighbor in Fountain Square.  Check out this video they made about Vital Skates.


First Friday at Vital

Hey – great news! You made our first two First Friday celebrations super awesome so we will be open until 8pm each and every First Friday from here on out….just because we love you. And we want to be sure you have time to say hello to Ms. Belch (seen here with some skaters from Columbus, IN).

Vital Idols

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More Reasons to Visit Fountain Square

Hey – check us out in the Indy Star today. We are incredibly honored and stoked to be a part of this great group of new businesses entering Fountain Square (the best neighborhood in Indy). The article features a super duper photo of Katya Lookin’!

Extended Hours

December 20th – 29th 2011 we will be extending our hours until 8pm each night with the exception of Christmas Eve (we’ll close at 6pm) and December 26th (we’ll be closed).  Get in to buy the last minute derby items for you daughter, husband, derby wife, junior skater, etc. etc. etc. OR shop after the holidays to use up your awesome Vital gift certificate!